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OTAON Holdings Group Inc. is an American Holding Company for independent talent and entertainment companies with its primary offices in Irvine, CA. Globally we invest in the arts & culture of humanity.


Earnings Announcements

OTAON Holdings Group Inc., will be releasing their first earnings statement Jan. 5th 2024.


2023 Corporate Strategy

As we head into the last 6 years of this decade we OTAON has all eyes set on our expansion heading into 2030.

The music & entertainment industry is projected to be worth $600 Billion in 2030.


OTAON Holdings Group Inc.

OTAON Holding Group is proud to announce that as of May 5th 2023 we have raised over $20,000,000 at an evaluation of over $50,000,000, Read are up and coming press release here and if you would like invest in this amazing opportunity to join the next unicorn please fill out the form below.

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