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social purpose

The corporation is organized as a social purpose corporation under the Social Purpose Corporations Act.

OTAON Corp SPC. is
an organization that's purpose is to serve humanity by means of Reminding, Educating, and Inspiring our courageous brave souls to become what they are meant to be. Fundamentally we believe the more often this happens the better-off not only humanity will be, but the planet.

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Social responsibility

sustainable & elaborate

We believe that between stimulus and response lies the freedom to choose our response. Which is why every decision that we make is scrutizined by our board members and mentors to better understand the global impact of our work. We strive to leave earth a better place than when we found it through all of our work.


Our Values

from the ground up

Ever since day one we have spent more time and money investing into what are called intangible assets, as we believe our impact is incalculable. Through are efforts we have been able to provide and help build a better world by keeping our belief on what matters the most in life, which we believe is each other, the other humans.



vertically intergrated

OTAON Corp SPC. operates through our network of intergrated companies and brand partners including: OTAON Music Group, OTAON Sportswear, OTAON Artist Group, and many more.


IP Licensing

our intelluctal property

We are always looking for more ways to expand our global mission through partnerships, if you would like to license our music for your business please email: info@otaonmusic.com

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a black owned business

OTAON began in 2020 during an Operation Hope's Small business development program.

We are NMSDC Certified and we believe in the inclusion of all humans and we are activiely creating a culture of “inclusion where everyone is treated equally and with respect”.

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OTAON Foundation


OTAON Scheherazade Foundation is our non-profit we operate and through it we are able to give out CD's, our OTAON Sportswear, deliver keynote speeches, free shows, and much much more.

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